Vancouver Lake Crew
Disabled Veterans Water Sports Program
Providing Disabled Veterans Access to Paddling and Rowing Sports

Try Dragon Boating!
Free Lessons

Thursdays at 5:45pm and Saturdays at 8:45am
Any veteran with any disability is welcome. 
We provide all the equipment and instruction. 
Bring anything you use for support.  If you have any buddies that are disabled bring them too!

Directions:  From Interstate 5 take the Mill Plain or 4th Plain exit and head west.  Both roads turn into Hwy 501 which runs parallel to the Columbia River.  From the point where Mill Plain and 4th Plain come together it is roughly 3 miles to Vancouver Lake Crew.  Just before the facility there is a split in the road.  Stay right toward Vancouver Lake Park.  Just after the split you will see Vancouver Lake Crew on your right.  Come on in!   Wear clothing that can get wet.  If it is hot, bring water.   Lost or need better directions call Jeff at 360-314-7335              

What is dragon boating?  It's a team sport not unlike a military unit. Dragon boats are like long canoes that seat 10 to 20 paddlers in rows of two.  Unlike canoes, dragon boats are VERY stable in the water.  The sport originated in China 2,300 years ago and has become popular outside of Asia over the last 30 years.  There are hundreds of festivals all over North America including three in the Portland area.  You can join a team or just come out for some exercise.  Because there are 10 to 20 paddlers on the boat you can put as much or as little effort as you like into each stroke.

The Vancouver Lake Disabled Water Sports Program is hosted by Vancouver Lake Crew and supported entirely through donations.  The FREE program helps ANY disabled veteran gain access to water sports such as rowing and paddling.  We understand that not all disabilities are physical and we welcome veterans with PTSD, TBI or any other disability.  Purple Heart veterans are also welcome.   The program has a small, but growing adaptive element to help physically disabled veterans experience the freedom of being on the water.  We are always looking for more disabled veterans to come out and give water sports a try.  If you want to get off the couch and on the water contact us today!

Rowing - Vancouver Lake is one of the most beautiful rowing lakes in the Pacific Northwest.  Row where the eagles fly!  There is an adaptive boat with pontoons for safety or learn to row in a single, double, quad or 8 rower boat.  No previous experience needed and all equipment is provided, including instruction!  For more information or to give it a try call Alan Steward at 360-241-6522.

Paddling - The primary paddling program is in dragon boats.  Dragon boating is an ancient Chinese sport that has become very popular world wide.  The boats seat 10 paddlers side by side on five benches.  The boats are inherently stable and promote team work, discipline and camaraderie.  All equipment and instruction is provided.  We also have access through Team River Runner to kayaks!  Coming in the future are outrigger canoes and Stand Up Paddling.  For more information call Jeff Campbell at Double Fifth Dragon Boating 971-222-3679.

Currently we are seeking donations to purchase adaptive seats to allow para's and quadra's to access the boats.

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Vancouver Lake Crew and Paddle for Life, Inc are both 501c3 charitable organizations promoting amateur water sports.  Vancouver Lake Crew is located on the WEST side of Vancouver Lake just before you reach Vancouver Lake Park.  Just past the intersection between the road to Frenchman's Bar Park and Vancouver Lake Park.  Please call before visiting the facility, hours are limited.

Come out and give it a try!

Fill out the form below or email us -  We do not give out ANY personal information.  Your contact information is confidential and will only be used by DVWSP to contact you.  You can also call Jeff Campbell of Double Fifth Dragon Boating for more information 971-222-3679.  Not into forms?  Just show up!

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